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In RSC Deep Dives, we take on a particular subject and learn from the finest minds in the world.  Enjoy!

Reasonably Spontaneous Conversation Deep Dives

Craig Hella Johnson  Portrait

In the mid 1990s, I had the pleasure to write and direct this profile of Craig Hella Johnson, a true artistic genius. Bryant Price produced and Ben Price was the director of photography and editor. Cynthia Salm narrated. I am so proud of all of us on this project.

About Craig: Renowned as one of today’s most influential voices in choral conducting, Craig Hella Johnson brings unparalleled depth of knowledge, artistic sensitivity, and rich imagination to his programs. As Grammy®-winning founder and Artistic Director of Conspirare, Johnson assembles some of the finest singers in the country to form a world-class, award-winning ensemble committed to creating dynamic choral art.

A Conversation on “The Awakening” by Kate Chopin

Dennis Tardan and Renée Yaworski have an in-depth conversation with two acclaimed scholars on women’s studies and feminist literature — Barbara Ewell and Helen Taylor — on the groundbreaking novel by Kate Chopin, “The Awakening”.

Dennis Tardan and Michael Nesmith discuss their spiritual journeys in Christian Science. December 19, 2020. This is the first segment of a longer conversation.

Wesley Vivion is the personification of a way of life that has been chronicled in books and films — the American Cowboy. He is the real deal and in this documentary, he tells his story. The video was written, produced and directed by Allan Menefee and Dennis Tardan. 

On Life and Living and Death and Dying with Lance Lein.

Minister, activist, teacher, and philosopher Lance Lein speaks of his journey in life and his experience of facing his mortal transition.  Dennis and Jean Lein interviewed and produced this inspiring interview in February of 2020, two months before his death. 

A Tardan Media Favorite!