Post Game with Simone

Simone Deloach played Division 1 basketball for Indiana University and knows, first hand, the challenges of going from a highly-competitive athletic career to what comes next in life.  In this series, Simone interviews former athletes about how they negotiated the transitions, what they learned and what they learned about themselves.

Post Game with Simone

Post Game with Andrea Winsits

She is now known as Coach Mize but I have the pleasure of knowing her as Mize, an Indiana Native with an impeccable heart and an immense love for the game of basketball. The ultimate student of the game as she developed her passion for strategic basketball but also and most importantly the development of her players.

During our conversation, Mize shares her desires to not only develop players but more importantly assemble the best in people. Being an example of this herself as she places value in hardships and being a beacon of understanding as her young student-athlete learn this in her care.

What an amazing friend I have in George Andrews as he shares his journey in the the sport of Diving. A Chicago native who wanted to find a winter sport and landed into the world of Diving. George shares his love not only for the sport but what the sport gave him, an extended family. As a member of the LGBTQ community, George was able to call a place like Bloomington Indiana home has he navigated the life of a student-athlete. George also shares his diagnosis of anxiety, how he learned more about it, and what resources and tools he found helpful throughout his collegiate career. A huge shout out to GA for sitting down with me and opening up about his experience!!!

Post Game with Jasmine

Training the person underneath the jersey is just as important as the athlete in it. Jasmine gives her understanding of who she is and who she hopes to develop others to be as more than just an athlete.

6 year old Jas would be so proud of you my friend! Thank you for sharing a piece of your story with me and the world. I get emotional watching this back and editing, so many heart warming feels with this the trials you had to face in you collegiate career. But look at you now! Happy to celebrate you with you!!

In my very first vidcast, I have the honor of sharing my wonderful friend, Ralston Evans’ journey.

His transformation for the love of Football through valuable relationships, his desire to be a team player, and watching his teammates succeed.

Facing injury early in his career, shifted that significant role for RE when he began to question his value within that lived experience. However, with the right team in his corner, advisors who he could trust, and teammates who would rally behind him, RE was able to find a new sense of purpose within the game. I am so incredibly blessed to have had Ralston sit down with me from the very begging. I hope he’ll come back and extended his story and share more about his life in postgame. But for now, here is Postgame with Simone feat. Ralston Evans Y’all enjoy

Welcome back post gamers!! In this next conversation, I have the privilege in chatting with an old teammate, Lyndsay Leikem. She graciously agreed to share her unique journey with basketball with me as we discussed the consistency of “quick changes” that happened within her career. In the most difficult way, Lyndsay ‘s ideal of her role on the team was interrupted with an unannounced coaching change right before their season began her sophomore year. Within the vidcast, she chats about that challenge specifically and how that led to forms of self-doubt, insecurities and low confidence. However, with the right support and understanding of a new role, Lyndsay was able to find peace with the new changes and love the game of basketball as she once did. A huge THANK YOU to Ms. Lyndsay for sitting with me and opening up about her experience. I can’t wait to see how it resonate with those who tune in. y’all enjoy