Meet the TMN Team

About Dennis Tardan

After more than 40 years working as wire service correspondent, television sports anchor, talk show host, television feature reporter, writer, producer and director, screenwriter and communication coach, Dennis Tardan has taken all his experience, dreams and ambitions and created the Tardan Media Network. TMN will allow him to have the evocative and provocative conversations and content he is known for, as well as being the platform for creators making the positive difference so needed in this world.

After gathering a brilliant team (without whom none of this would be possible), Dennis has embarked on this venture he terms, “Programming for the New Golden Age of Television”. Stay tuned!    Contact for coaching/directing:

Melissa Roth

Partner in Roth-Tardan Enterprises. Strategic planning, administrative oversight and clarity coaching.  Contact Melissa:

Clay Boykin

Author and life coach. “I will work with you to co-create a new lens through which to view your world; to find your path towards healing; to find meaning and purpose; and to find new ways to face challenges, large or small.”  Contact Clay:

Janel & Manuel (Manny)

Award-winning artists, writers, illustrators. Art studio owners. Comic book creators. Creative and compassionate. Classically-trained and completely ridiculous…but always professional.  Contact Manny & Janel:

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